Is paper jewelry durable? – Francesca Vitali

Is paper jewelry durable?

 The number one question I get about paper jewelry is how durable is it, especially in the rain.

The short answer is very durable!

Each piece is coated with acrylic medium, which basically forms a protective plastic films that keeps the moist away from the paper. But if you are a visual person and you would rather see it for your self, this video is for you.

I conducted an experiment where one earring was submerged in water (not just sprinkled with a bit of mist or some water droplets) for one hour and then taken out dried.

As you'll see the earring went back to its original state in less than 12 hours!

Of course as for jewelry, I would not recommend wearing your it in the pool, shower, or while sleeping, but now you know that if you happen to be caught in a  heavy rain your jewelry is safe.